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Review Drama Part 1 – You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin (최고다 이순신)

Semenjak mulai nge-blog sekarang ini tiap mepet2 jam pulang gw bertekad untuk sempet2in waktu untuk cerita2, dan hari ini gw mau cerita2 tentang drama korea yg baru gw tonton (episode 1 nya) Judulnya adalah “You’re the Best,Lee Soon Shin” (최고다 이순신). 

Cast: IU, Jo Jung Suk, Yoo In Na, Seon Tae Young, Go Joo Won

Kim Jung-ae (Go Doo-shim) raised Lee Soon-shin (IU) with love as her own daughter when she was left at their doorstep as a baby. But upon the death of her husband, she discovers that Soon-shin’s real mother is the famous actress Song Mi-ryung (Lee Mi-sook). As Mi-ryung reflects on her fame while watching Soon-shin growing up from afar, Soon-shin herself becomes confused and has inner conflicts between the mother who gave birth to her and the mother who raised her. Eventually, the three women will reconcile and become a “real” family in the midst of their pain and growth.

Meanwhile, Soon-shin and her two older sisters represent the realities that women in their 20s and 30s face in Korea. Soon-shin is a member of the “880,000 won generation,” or college graduates who can’t find a job and instead work in low-paying temp jobs. But she attracts the notice of Shin Joon-ho (Jo Jung-suk), head of a talent agency. Over-confident and arrogant, Joon-ho is determined to transform her into a star. But while watching Soon-shin do everything to realize her dream of becoming an actress, Joon-ho looks back on his career and finds himself changing as he discovers the true meaning of success. They bicker and fall in love with each other.

Middle daughter Lee Yoo-shin (Yoo In-na) has lived next door to Park Chan-woo (Go Joo-won) since childhood. Despite their constant squabbles, Chan-woo (now a dermatologist) still loves her confidence and prickly demeanor. Yoo-shin delays thinking about marriage and childbirth, instead prioritizing success at work. But when Joon-ho’s younger sister Shin Yi-jung (Bae Green) develops a crush on Chan-woo, it makes Yoo-shin realize her true feelings for him.

Eldest daughter Lee Hye-shin (Son Tae-young) is beautiful and competent, but feels like a failure when her marriage ends. As a divorced single mother, she has difficulties re-entering the workforce. She later meets Seo Jin-wook (Jung Woo), a neighborhood baker who shows her consideration and gentleness, helping heal her wounds.

After the sudden death of their father, the three sisters each grow as individuals through enduring hardships as a family. They come to realize that the most precious things in life can be found within oneself, and happiness is a blessing that comes to the courageous few who have high self-esteem and take charge of their own lives. Being poor is okay, not being first is okay, and not being in the spotlight is okay. It’s okay to be happy with just the way you are.

My comment:
Ceritanya lumayan sih kalo gw bilang (biarpun baru ntn epi 1 nya doang, lagian mau di download lg tb2 modem gw ini lemot mendadak, heran deh baru gw seneng download2 film korea). Nah untuk ukuran pemula dalam berakting si IU ini oke juga lho (sotoy banget gw macam aktris papan atas aja..wkwkwk)
Nah yang ga nyantai itu total episodenya panjang benerrr coyy…masa sekarang aja uda epi 34 dan itupun belom tamat…wooww…(Dan yg gw liat di wiki katanya total epi nya sampe 50 @_@ doeeng! cape bener nontonnya)
Gw sempet liat2 di review org2 katanya sih plot dr film ini lambat apalagi pergerakan romansa antara si IU & Jo Jung Suk nya…but worth to watch laa…Dan do you know si Jo Jung Suk ini yang main di The King Two Hearts lho yang jadi si Eun Shi Kyung (Yup dia yang meninggal tragically…T_____T) but disini dia rada jijay sih personality nya, beda abis sama Eun Shi Kyung yang cool-cool jaim gimana gitu…
OOT nih ya, sumpah deh gw BETE abis nih sama kelemotan modem internet gw….groooaarr…

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